03 December 2010

Wow. I have not posted in a while...and I am embarresed to say why, Ok it is because I have started playing the ever so popular Call of Duty Black Ops...and I am obsessed!! My boyfriend got me to "try" it and now I cannot stop playing this pointless game. I wake up and go to sleep with COD. It is impossible to stop. But I did have a break yesterday when John and I went on a date to Hillarys =] and had a bite to eat.

**DO NOT EAT THIS** It is so misleading and tastes just like what it says it will...
This date is just what I needed - Fresh air!! Anywho I will post again before Christmas i'm sure.


nonfiction_fiction said...

I love Hillarys. And your photos are a-maz-zing! it makes the food look even tastier! may i ask what camera you use? I'm trying to find a good camera to invest in so I can also have pretty photos for my blog :)

tbizcuts said...

Haha Thank you so much! I am very new to photography so when i went to purchaseg my first DSLR cam i told the sales guy and he suggested the Nikon D3000 which has a guide mode for us newbies and it is SO easy to use! I would suggest it to anyone who is just starting like me =]

nonfiction_fiction said...

awesome. thanks so much for that. i know shit all about cameras so this really helps me. hopefully my photos will look as good as yours!
p.s- i looked up those 'Bean Boozled', and omg how revolting!!! im not as brave as you to try them haha