27 March 2011

Pretty average weekend.


24 March 2011

My friends cat

 Taken on my Nikon

20 March 2011

Ladies night with the fam. Such a pleasant night =]
My hand after applying bronzer to my legs...creepy lines.

13 March 2011

You feel like you are on holiday when you visit the markets.

10 March 2011

I have been so tired latley...

02 March 2011

I have been truly inspired. I am currently reading a true story novel called Beautiful by Katie Piper, Just your average model trying to make it in London when she met a guy on Facebook she got to know him dated for 2 weeks and he turned out to be a horrible steroid driven maniac who violently raped her and held her hostage. She spent 8 hours in that room with her head bleeding she was sure he wanted to kill her so she persuaded him to let her go and told him they would still be together. He was obsessed with her and made sure she didn't tell anyone. After constant phone calls and texts 2 days later he made her go to a local internet cafe to read an email he had sent her. He arranged for someone to look for her and throw acid in her face. It happened. She has now lost everything but in this book she shares her journey and how she has triumphed through it. I am SO happy to have read this book.

I really want to meet her and tell her how proud I am of her. Reading this book has made me feel sad, happy, angry, annoyed, and joyful. I suggest every girl read this book. There is more to life than clothes and beauty just imagine if you had that one day and the next you had nothing...