16 November 2010

Webcammin' since 2010

13 November 2010


I got my hair did. Like in the previous post where I had said that I wanted to try the dip dye. Because my hair is so dark it didn't come out the colour I had purchased, instead it came out better than I had intended it to.It is very subtle...but any change is good change right?

** I also chopped my fringe...I do this every couple months.

12 November 2010

I miss everything about this photo.

11 November 2010

Possibly the most comfiest shoes I own.

10 November 2010

I'm thinking of colouring my hair...but not just a normal say brown colour but more of a daring pink or mahogany colour.
I'm really keen on trying this dip dye hair fashion. I don't think it will really work because my hair is so thick but i guess there is only one way to find out!

Yeah I'll try it sometime next week.

07 November 2010

Had the best time today at Serpentine Falls, cannot wait to go back.

My day was spent with my best friends, eating fruit kebabs and curried egg sandwiches, drinking coffee while enjoying the waterfalls. All that was missing was...nothing.

01 November 2010

I am making a promise right now! I am going to be more environmentally friendly and start riding my bicycle more often  =]

So the other day I started cleaning the rust from water damage on my bicycle with some trusty WD40 and voila...brand new again!

Although I now need to find myself a helmet...how can one wearing one of those ginormous things on their head feel attractive in anyway? so I decide to google and ofcourse I find this...

So pretty much you need to be a high fashion model to look decent wearing one.
Hopefully people will pay more attention to my ride then me.