07 November 2010

Had the best time today at Serpentine Falls, cannot wait to go back.

My day was spent with my best friends, eating fruit kebabs and curried egg sandwiches, drinking coffee while enjoying the waterfalls. All that was missing was...nothing.


nonfiction_fiction said...

glad to see you had fun darling. you take really nice photos. I love the photo of the 28 (bird). soo cute

tbizcuts said...

Haha thank you! That bird would not leave me alone all afternoon =]

nonfiction_fiction said...

he looks pretty happy munching on that multigrain bread :)

Funny Face said...

The lake? Looks amazing! Were there people swimming in it?

I'm from perth also, but haven't been here :(

tbizcuts said...

Yeah quite a few people were swimming, diving off the rocks, sliding down the water falls haha.

Serpentine falls is about a 2 hour drive from Perth but well worth the trip!

I like your blog it is so minimalistic!

Buffaloparade said...

I went there the other day :-) Such a joyous place.