18 August 2009


This guy is crazyyyyy but so smart Jeremy Scott = Genius find him here JeremyScott

17 August 2009

Elmo talks fashion

Talk about a different kind of street fashion...its sesame st fashion and its awesome. Source:Harpers Bazaar


Soooo i bought this dress from swapmeat for $5 and went home happy with my purchase then got onto the net and saw a photo of nicole richie wearing the exact same dress which made me even happier with my purchase!

messy room...sorreeehhhh


Happy Tanya!...yeah i was bored...


Here is my wall with the vice pages stuck to it as mentioned in the previous blog post

16 August 2009


Just got the new issue of Vice and have stuck every page in that mag on my wall its awesome!! vice
Features Terry Richardson Photographs i love what he did with Weezy...

yep hot... Terry Richardson


ohh Rachel zoe never fails...rachelzoe.com

15 August 2009

i want to be her

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz


14 August 2009


Im very fond of my jewelry stand thats about to collapse...

\and my comic painting =P

13 August 2009


I Need this book i should buy it online but ill just wait till i find it in AUS anyway its here whowhatwear
Annnnnd Nicole Richie is on the cover yay!

new shoezzzz

Found these cute patent red booties with gold zips for $30!! down from $100 =D i love bargains and i love these shoes yay!


11 August 2009

models fall hovaaaaa

Im sorry if this has happened to you but i think its so funny when models fall over on the runway but then i feel bad...
Thanks to modelinia i had a good laugh.

09 August 2009

Make up

Mac = Awesome

[colour craft]

{style warrior}


Reading atm...

Reading this book atm and loving it even tho Rachel Zoe is so up her self it makes me laugh =D also some pretty good tips.

love shoes

Starting from bottom left to right:
Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo Lizard Sandal, Michael Antonio Selma Gladiator, Christian Louboutin Hyper Prive 120 Pumps, Nicholas Kirkwood Patent Leather Shoe Boot, Lavin Velvet Peep Toe with Corsagev Fendi Platform Mayjane Barneys.

I really want all those shoes