29 September 2010

I must tell a secret...

OK I have naturally curly hair and for the past few weeks I have decided to leave it this way so bye bye GHD and helloooo MORROCAN OIL!

This oil is A-MAZING you can use it on any hair type and is a great protectant when straightning hair.

I strongly suggest you purchase this gem. When I first got it I could only find it at a hairsalon in mount lawley which were selling it for like $50 but now you can get it anywhere (even price attack....)

It also smells great! check out the website also youtube it cos that how i found it!

morrocanoil link

28 September 2010

My boyfriends blog is a little cooler than mine but he never has any new posts thus making mine awesomer.


Haha gay name.

He will never see this cos he doesnt even know ive started posting again =].

27 September 2010

minaj obsessed.

I am a major Nicki Minaj fan! I think she is the best thing to happen to young money.

All the haters out there are just jealous GOI! **Okay i must admit i did'nt like her at the very beginning cos she just looked like every other hood rat but then she blossomed.**

So i dedicate this blog to
her...the MANY faces of Nicki Minaj.