23 December 2010

16 December 2010

Ive got a little Christmas gift DIY. Since I am working a casual job at this time of the year I don't have enough to spend on every family member (My family is huge) so instead I thought i'd give every family a hand made candle with a little card as a "thinking about you" kinda gift.

Here is what I used: 

 First I measured how much wool paper I need to cover the candle by wrapping it around and marking where I would need to cut:

 Once I cut the length I then wrapped it around and glued it into place. I didnt make it too tight incase it would have to be taken off once being lit.

Cut the Raffia (I chose red for the christmas theme but there are MANY more colours to choose from) enough length to make a bow.
Once the raffia is tied you are done! VOILA:

Something so simple to make can look so pretty...And it's the thought that counts =]

03 December 2010

Wow. I have not posted in a while...and I am embarresed to say why, Ok it is because I have started playing the ever so popular Call of Duty Black Ops...and I am obsessed!! My boyfriend got me to "try" it and now I cannot stop playing this pointless game. I wake up and go to sleep with COD. It is impossible to stop. But I did have a break yesterday when John and I went on a date to Hillarys =] and had a bite to eat.

**DO NOT EAT THIS** It is so misleading and tastes just like what it says it will...
This date is just what I needed - Fresh air!! Anywho I will post again before Christmas i'm sure.