10 June 2009


This is how bored i am.....ive done a painting! While watching old school Degrassi High....Awesome show!

Its Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air! My room is badly lit but its blue on a white canvas.

Back to Degrassi High...its all Ive been watching lately. It puts me to sleep! And then i found this and i want want want:::::::

Degrassi class of 88' t-shirt!


Listening to: Your Loving Arms (club Mix) - Karen Overton
Mood: Meh

08 June 2009

New Blog Yo!

Forgot about the old blog so started a new one. Hopefully more interesting than the other.


Waahhhh YSL why you so expensive.

Pamela Love Bird claw necklace...'sigh'

I need to do something with my hair...so black...so boring...blah. I don't mind the black part so much just the lack of life. All one length and too much volume. May go back to African roots and let it be a wild jungle of natural curls again....yeah!

Life is well boring at the mo. Jobless but have oh so much time to do what i want!

Will wear red lipstick more often to make life more interesting.

Listening to: In The Waiting Line - Zero 7
Mood: Quietly Excited