01 November 2010

I am making a promise right now! I am going to be more environmentally friendly and start riding my bicycle more often  =]

So the other day I started cleaning the rust from water damage on my bicycle with some trusty WD40 and voila...brand new again!

Although I now need to find myself a helmet...how can one wearing one of those ginormous things on their head feel attractive in anyway? so I decide to google and ofcourse I find this...

So pretty much you need to be a high fashion model to look decent wearing one.
Hopefully people will pay more attention to my ride then me. 


nonfiction_fiction said...

Thats a very pretty ride you got there. I've always wanted a vintage style bike, but I havnt ridden a bike since I was 13 so I think I'd look a bit silly haha. And the helmets are amazing. I had no idea helmets could ever look that beautiful!

Its good to hear from you again. Your blog is gorgeous and I'm defiantly going to follow!


tbizcuts said...

Haha Thank you! I am also already following you =]

nonfiction_fiction said...

thankyou so much! I only started my blog about 3 weeks ago so i dont have many followers yet so every follower counts haha.

I put you on my blog list featured on my blog but i cant figure out how to follow your blog :-S do you have a follow link?

tbizcuts said...

Oooo Thanks! Haha I feel special now =] I also don't have many followers so you all count just as much!

On your home screen when you log into blogger there should be a section called "Blogs I'm Following" you click on "Manage" then "Add" and copy the URL of a blog you want to follow! But it could be different since i first joined...give it a try anyway! Let me know if it works out, Goodluck! haha

nonfiction_fiction said...

whoo! it worked! thanks a bunch :D

HunterRose said...

love the bicycle - so cute!