30 October 2010

My desk is so messy. I like it this way.



Stolen from Grandma said...

hey tanya yes i remember you :) i hated kambos. one day i was working for a few hours and just got told that they were letting me go, was a bit weird and rather embarrassing too as i hadn't been there long!
i actually was just happy to leave to be honest i really hated working there lol. i just don't think homewares was my thing :P

what are you doing now then?

oooh and your blog is lovely, fantastic photos :) xx

tbizcuts said...

Oh my goodness tell me about it!! I quit that hell hole and never looked back! Everyone there is just so rude and arrogant I couldnt take it anymore...Claudia and I quit on the same day and that following week Jasmin quit so they had no front office staff haha.

But now I work at AMF bowling in Jlup and I love it!

How about you?